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Oct 19, 2012 6:00am EDT
google is the one who will never stumble. >> you have the mobile problem and the motorola problem. >> mobile is a bigger problem. >> if you could see what was happening in facebook shares yesterday, same issue because it's clearly impacting everybody. nobody be's figured out a way to make a dollar. >> and other analysts have said i don't understand why google would be different. if you're worried about mobile and how nobody has figured out how to make money off of mobile and get the ad space there. >> has anyone gone on to google today? if they had a sense of humor, it would be -- >> 1987 crash? >> no, they would be mocking themselves. >> there is nothing on there today. straight old google. >> maybe next use on the anniversary of. >> i know we'll keep doing that. i was there. where were you in 1987? you were in like fifth grade. >> i was president of the spanish club. >> i was 11 years old. no, 10. >> fourth or fifth grade. >> i was under my desk with all my clients calling. and when i'd pick up the phone, they would say joe kernen there and i'd go-will-what number were you tryin
Oct 18, 2012 6:00am EDT
. >> motorola, what happens to them? >> they're refining and focusing that company. it's going to slim down, they have slimmed down already and going to continue and focus on high-end products and what's interesting to me it's not really about the phones in a lot of ways. it's about tablets and it's about the internet of things, having the internet available on more devices. >> and you don't expect that to impact relationships with all the other manufacturers? >> i think it's a very fine line. >> it hasn't happened yet. >> i think it has happened in a way. the oems around the world are saying what's going on here? everyone was trying to figure it out. we're not going to see the new products from a combined company until the second half of next year. at that point we'll have a better sense of how this will play out with the other partners. >> in the grand battle between apple and google and it appears google is winning at some level not necessarily terms in market cap but market share at least on devices, do you expect that to continue? what do you expect to happen with windows? ho
Oct 10, 2012 6:00am EDT
of what you're seeing by apple, and on some level by google, now that google owns motorola. i don't know if you saw this as well on ballmer. his income was published and he took a slight pay cut. he went from -- >> he's worth a billion dollars. >> but he was paid $1.4 million last year, or two years ago and went down to $1.3. >> that's a job i would not take. i wouldn't know what to do with microsoft. is that really the answer, tablets and phones? i might put all my resources into quantum physics. you know that the chemistry prize was handed out today. it was not for what you would consider pure chemistry. it was for figuring out the structure of a cell receptor. so it's all coming back to what we're trying to do, these g protein cell receptors and the chemical composition and actual structure of this thing. but everything is coming to -- it's not just pure chemistry anymore. >> should have a daily science segment. >> this is the week of the nobel prize. >> bill nye the science guy. >> i'm looking forward to the nobel peace prize. god know what is those guys will do this year. did y
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3